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South Africa: The Pot Luck Club in Cape Town

Cape Town is the culinary capital of South Africa. My advice to anyone travelling here is not to make the same mistake as we did. Allow more than three days for this beautiful city, particularly if you’re a foodie. Trust me, its bursting at the seams with incredible restaurants and we barely scratched the surface.

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Beyond the Big Smoke: Walthamstow Village

The ‘Beyond the Big Smoke’ series finally continues and we’re heading east this time. It’s where I look further afield than Central London for places to eat, drink and hang out. Explore further and you’ll find there is more to London than the places you see on the Monopoly board.

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Sakagura: Washoku dining in Mayfair

Behind the hustle and bustle of Regents Street you’ll find a street many miss on their trip to London’s shopping central. Heddon Street is a calm oasis tucked away, but if you walk down the narrow alley you’ll find a treasure trove of eateries. Nestled amongst these is Sakagura, a smart, chic Japanese restaurant and Sake bar serving Washoku style dining.

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Radici: Islington's Southern Italian

Living in Islington I’m completely spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing a restaurant when the belly grumbles. Granted many of them nowadays are of the chain variety. A double-edged sword for us, as it does make for easy pickings when out with the kids. On the other hand its sad to see your high street turning into generic. So when I heard on the grapevine that Francesco Mazzei had opened Radici, a Southern Italian restaurant in my hood… well, I can’t deny it. I was more than a little excited.

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London Duck Tours: An amphibious adventure

I class myself as an adopted Londoner (first and foremost a Mancunian of course). Having lived in this incredible city for nearly 17 years, there are still sights I haven’t seen or experienced. Everyone I think can be guilty of taking their own city for granted. So this week I joined the 18 million plus visitors who pour into this cosmopolitan capital and experienced London as a tourist. View Post

When life hands you an IKEA commercial - You roar with it!

You know the saying ‘right place, right time?’ Well that was yours truly not so long ago. For this post I’m stepping away from my usual restaurant reviews and holiday tips. Instead I’ll be telling you the story of how I came to appear in the new Summer 2017 IKEA TV and online campaign. I know?! Me? Right? Sitting comfortably for my very random tale?

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Keeping on track with the Daniel Wellington Classic Petite

I’m often asked – How do you fit everything into your day? Where do you find the time to blog? Valid questions when I work in TV (not your standard 9 to 5 job), a mummy to two little ladies and a lifestyle and travel blogger. Well let me tell you – this Curious Pixie (tries) to run her life with military precision. Believe me if I didn’t my head would surely whirl off.

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The Modern Pantry: Fusion heaven

Recently I met a friend who had recently undergone a serious health overhaul. It meant all gluten and dairy products were off the menu with only limited pescatarian items welcome. To make the restaurant search even trickier there was a radius restriction of not being more than five stops from Euston Station for the train back up north. Challenge accepted!

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