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South Africa: Lunch in Franschhoek at La Petite Ferme

On our day tour of the Cape Winelands we stopped for lunch in Franschhoek – one of the oldest towns in South Africa. Translated as the ‘French Corner’ it’s also known as the country’s gourmet capital. My tastebuds were obviously not going to miss out.

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The Potato Project

Potatoes are the super stars of the vegetable world in my opinion. Being vegetarian if a potato doesn’t feature in my meal in some shape or form, I feel like I’ve not eaten a proper meal. Be it mashed, boiled, fried, roasted or baked I am hands down their biggest fan! View Post

South Africa: Exploring the Cape Winelands with kids

In the planning stages of my epic trip to South Africa I initially dismissed the idea of visiting the wine regions. I know, I know! Utterly foolish. How can you visit South Africa and miss out on the fruits of its world-renowned winelands?!

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Beyond the Big Smoke: Wimbledon Village

This is the first in my series of ‘Beyond the Big Smoke’ where I’ll be looking further afield than Central London for places to eat, drink and hangout. Explore further and you’ll find there is more to London than the places you see on the Monopoly board.

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South Africa: Cape Peninsula tour with CAT-Africa

Once in Cape Town we only had three full days to enjoy the fabulous city. Time was of the essence. To make the most of it I planned a couple of day tours too, as we really wanted to see the surroundings areas.

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South Africa: 5 reasons why it's great for families

It’s been written that  – just like Nando’s – all human beings originate from South Africa. Perhaps that’s where my life-long desire to visit this incredible country derived. What did I learn? South Africa is a perfect destination for all ages and interests. From beautiful beaches, breathtaking vistas, cosmopolitan cities, world-class food to (of course) the wildlife. This place really does have it all. View Post

Avenue, Mayfair

Brunch has become part and parcel of our weekend. The little people in my life on a morn jump into the bed, flick on the TV and are subsequently glued to it with no desire for sustenance. Much to my delight, as it can sometimes give me a whole extra hour in bed. Finally peeling ourselves out of bed it’s too late for breakfast, but too early for lunch. Hence evolved the love of all things brunch in our household. View Post

London for free: 10 money-saving experiences

London is one of the most expensive cities to live and work in, so the thought of a day out in the city can be depressingly pricey. Add to that a family scenario where you’re doubling up on ticket prices and a swift re-think of a lovely day out in the capital will undoubtedly cross your mind. View Post