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Magpie Mayfair: A Review

Fridays nowadays revolve around all things Curious Pixie related. It’s the one day I have where I utilise my hours between 09:01 and 15:00 writing, photo editing and researching for the next post. Although I have been known to be…

The Mayfair Chippy – A British Classic

Fish and chips. Three words that scream foodie nostalgia and comfort. Well actually let’s be honest- the Curious Veggie was always going to focus on the chips. Those fluffy on the inside, crispy on the outside (with just the right…

Sakagura: Washoku dining in Mayfair

Behind the hustle and bustle of Regents Street you’ll find a street many miss on their trip to London’s shopping central. Heddon Street is a calm oasis tucked away, but if you walk down the narrow alley you’ll find a…

Avenue Restaurant: Bottomless brunch in Mayfair

Brunch has become part and parcel of our weekend. The little people in my life on a morn jump into the bed, flick on the TV and are subsequently glued to it with no desire for sustenance. Much to my delight, as…

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About Me

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