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Gifts For Kids Who Love To Travel

Christmas is just around the corner and if you’re keen travellers or you know a jetsetting family this post is the inspiration for travel-friendly gifts for the mini globetrotter. It’s very much a list of some of my favourite travel…

A Traveller Favourite: The Mahabis Flow Slippers

We’ve all heard of the super minimalist Scandinavian inspired Mahabis slippers. An attempt to make slippers stylish. A brief completely nailed when the company launched in 2014. At the time you couldn’t manoeuvre between social media or print without being…

EmptyChair: A World of Experiences

In an era where everyone is hunting for their next new experience, be it through travel, festivals or dining. An online platform has neatly tapped into this experience economy market and bring it straight to your fingertips. Workshops and experiences…

Design your own Fragrance with The Perfume Studio

Tell me one person who doesn’t love smelling great. Yes, I’m one of those women with an array of perfumes for every mood, occasion or change of season. Do you have a favourite perfume? Now, imagine creating your own bespoke…

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About Me

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