Chambers of Flavours 3 review – Gingerline Immersive Dining Adventure

Gingerline has been captivating the London pop-up dining scene since 2010. Delivering a theatrical eccentric twist to gourmet feasting to any brave intrepid dinner. Over the years they’ve been concocting some of the best London immersive dining experiences this side of the universe.

My Chambers of Flavours 3 review

Chambers of Flavours 3 - Gingerline Immersive Dining Adventure

Now this is where my inter-dimensional adventure with the Chamber of Flavours 3 review will differ from most. You see I can’t tell you where I ended up, how I got there, what happened, or what delights I consumed. This is now turning into a parallel universe blogger dream!

Once you enter the chamber everything is a closely guarded secret. So much so, that the top-secret location is revealed via text message only a couple of hours before your arrival. The starting point is always an East London overground station (hence the name Gingerline with it being orange), followed by numerous lefts, rights and follow the yellow carpet type cryptic instructions. Almost felt like Sherlock Holmes minus the deerstalker and cape.

Chambers of Flavours 3 - Gingerline Immersive Dining Adventure

Once you’ve deciphered the instructions you’ll gain access to an impressive steam-punked inspired bar where a welcome drink awaits.

Chambers of Flavours 3 - Gingerline Immersive Dining Adventure

Although not before the army marshals have inspected your attire. A dress code is always stipulated which all intrepid travellers must adhere to. This time it was single colour clothing and long colourful socks – to help the army track you as you progress through the dimensions of course.

Chambers of Flavours 3 - Gingerline Immersive Dining Adventure

There is also a tempting drinks menu to explore before you’re rounded up by the boisterous characters mingling in the bar.

Chambers of Flavours 3 - Gingerline Immersive Dining Adventure

Once inside the chamber there are no bars, so all drinks must be pre-ordered prior to travelling through your two-hour experience.

Chambers of Flavours 3 - Gingerline Immersive Dining Adventure

My tip, don’t get carried away with your order as you’ll definitely be too pre-occupied to drink. Unless you’re a massive turbo-drinking  lush – in which case ignore me. There’s a choice of cocktails and mocktails which are ordered in portions and an array of wine, beers and bubbles.

Chambers of Flavours 3 - Gingerline Immersive Dining Adventure

Oh and fellow veggies no need to worry! The team are happy to accommodate dietary requirements too if told in advance when booking the tickets.


This word and your time slot are is all you need to listen out for to undertake your gastronomic adventure through the several parallel dimensions. All bags and phones need must be surrendered on entry. No photos are allowed within the chamber and you’ll be expected to crawl, slide and clamber through the chambers. Mini-skirts not the best idea – just saying.

Chambers of Flavours 3 - Gingerline Immersive Dining Adventure

From this point on my lips are sealed! I know, right? You want to know what happens next. All I can reveal is your two-hour journey will take you through several extraordinary realities each serving a culinary delight. Now, I’ve been to many immersive dining experiences and can tell you sometimes the emphasis is not always on the food. Let’s just say my mouth is still watering when I think back to the food. It really did exceed my expectations. They truly excelled at matching each course and each flavour to the chamber surroundings with such attention to detail.

Chambers of Flavours 3 - Gingerline Immersive Dining Adventure

Like all Gingerline productions a lot of creativity, imagination and craziness has gone into the Chamber of Flavours 3. From the captivating characters, enchanting sets, and delicious food, so leave your self-consciousness at home. There is a whole lot of audience interaction, to enjoy it to the full you need to get involved. Roll with it, it’s one helluva ride!

Ticket for the Chambers of Flavours 3 are currently sold out. Gingerline experiences has a loyal cult following from London’s alternative dining thrill seekers. To keep your finger on the pulse be sure to sign up to their mailing list here.

However, their Faculty of Eatucation is returning for a limited summer school edition. Book your tickets now here.


Disclaimer: I was a guest at the Chamber of Flavours 3 and received a complimentary experience. However, all views, opinions and photos unless otherwise stated are my own and remain a trademark of the Curious Pixie.



  1. 23rd Jul 2018 / 8:43 am

    This looks like the most thrilling experience. The fact that it’s all a top secret just makes it all the more desirable!

  2. 23rd Jul 2018 / 8:44 am

    I loved the Gingerline experience but really thought the food was quite average when I went – good to hear that they’ve upped their game in that department!

  3. 23rd Jul 2018 / 12:08 pm

    This was so much fun!!!!

  4. 23rd Jul 2018 / 12:54 pm

    That sounds like so much fun!!!

  5. 26th Jul 2018 / 8:52 pm

    This sounds like a brilliant experience. I am going to register with them… I like the idea of the secret menu and also leaving your phones behind because you can then truly enjoy your experience rather than snap away

    • Sima Sthanakiya
      30th Jul 2018 / 10:31 am

      You really should. Otherwise the tickets are gone super quick!

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