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Mini Desktop Cork Globe

Pinpoint and display your favourite experiences, destinations, or inspire and explore new locations and destinations with this world map pin globe. If travelling the world is your passion, this is the gift for you.

Stands at 18cm tall, turns on strong stainless-steel base and with a set of 6 red push pins included, the globes make a great present for you or a loved one. A great addition to stand in your home, office or geographers classroom.

More than ordinary maps, SUCK UK’S globe-trotting mapping tool can also be used as a journal as well as decorative globe, trading in paper or traditional wood for the more sustainable material of cork. Corks qualities are hard-wearing, stylish, and highly versatile.

Can be used as a detailed educational tool for your growing traveller, allowing them to discover geographical locations, capital cities, longitude, latitude as well as encourage their wanderlust. A great way to educate and record holiday memories and places they’ve visited from all over the planet!

Also makes a perfect couples gift for international explorers, be it for your adventure-seeking partner or a wedding gift for a pair of thrill-seekers planning or pinpointing their own trip of a lifetime.

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