The Impact of Travel on my Life through Travel Quotes

This month I’m co-hosting the #travellinkup with the lovely ladies Emma from Adventures of a London Kiwi, Angie from Silverspoon London and Polly from Follow Your Sunshine. November’s theme is based on the impact travel or blogging has had on your life. Both are significant entities in my life and shape the way I live.

The impact of travel on life

The Impact of Travel on my Life through Travel Quotes
Innsbruck, Austria

This post is very different to the ones I usually write and will hopefully show you what drives me to explore the world.  Not to mention what recently formed the basis of some major life changes.

Few things in life impact you as much as travelling will. I honestly believe it can transform you into a better human. By broadening your perspective, you evolve as a person with every trip – learning more about yourself and the world around. I use the experience to grow as a person, whether it’s immersing myself in the local culture, food or activity. I’m present and feel alive in that moment and let’s be honest most probably addicted to travel too.

So what better way to show you the real impact travel has had on my life than through a set of inspiring travel quotes along with some of my favourite travel photos.

Broaden my perspective

The Impact of Travel on my Life through Travel Quotes
Cape of Good Hope, South Africa

Nothing brings more clarity to your own life than travelling to a different country and seeing the way other people live. Invariably, I return with a new-found appreciation for the life I’m lucky enough to lead. Along with a deeper empathy for different cultures and countries, be that through immersing myself in the lifestyle, language (I try) or cuisine.

Developed my desire to explore

The Impact of Travel on my Life through Travel Quotes
Verbier, Switzerland

When you have a taste for travel, you only want more! Travelling has created a hunger to see as much of the world as possible (while I can)! The world is big old place, with so much to experience. My love is seeking out the lesser travelled cities, places and experiences. If you’re smart enough you can travel cost-effectively nowadays, like travelling out of season. Experiencing countries in different seasons will open up a whole new perspective you may never have originally imagined.

Learnt to be present

The Impact of Travel on my Life through Travel Quotes
Iru Fushi, Maldives

Often it’s hard to take a step back and just enjoy the present when you’re surrounded by everyday pressures. I find travelling a reflective experience and it helps me appreciate the value of living in the moment. Absorbing myself in the reality before me, from watching a lion kill on safari in South Africa to feeling the heat from an Icelandic geysir hurling boiling water into the air to exploring underground milongas in Buenos Aires for the best Argentine tango – Be present!

Helped to shape my children’s worldview

The Impact of Travel on my Life through Travel Quotes
Addo Elephant National Park, South Africa

When you’re a parent, one of the best things you can do is to expose your impressionable offspring to as many new experiences as possible. When kids are shown new ideas and cultures from a young age it has a larger impact on them than adults. I want their perspectives shaped by realities and not exaggerated new stories. Such as teaching them the importance of conservation when snorkelling in the Maldives or being faced with the harsh realities of sprawling townships in South Africa.

Travel enriches life

The Impact of Travel on my Life through Travel Quotes
Grinda, Sweden

Travelling is like an endless enrolment in the university of life. Seeing the world provides an education which is impossible in the confines of a classroom. It can have an incredible impact on your personal development when you immerse yourself in the world. Whether you walk along the Berlin Wall, hike through the Italian Dolomites, order a croissant in a Parisian café or spend time relaxing in the warm waters of the Indian Ocean, travel will never fail you as a teacher. If you’re open and willing, it will help make you an incredibly well-rounded human being.

Travel has taught me humility

The Impact of Travel on my Life through Travel Quotes
Abu Dhabi, UAE

It’s about to get deep! The more I travel, the more I realise the small role my existence plays in the wider universe. It is not actually about being small, more that the world is big. Understanding that you’re a piece in a much bigger and meaningful picture is definitely a good thing. This awareness has helped me re-evaluate my own perspectives and not allow problems to carry the same weight when you see the huge issues people face first-hand in their own countries.

Found my voice

The Impact of Travel on my Life through Travel Quotes
Iru Fushi, Maldives

My love for travel has encouraged my confidence and finally helped me delve into the world of writing. Without my passion for seeing the world, my blog wouldn’t exist. I love being an inspiration and a trustworthy resource. It’s empowering,  yet irrefutably a huge responsibility to convey the right picture to my followers and every community and culture I encounter.

Travel opened up a whole new world for me, let it do the same for you too!


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